101st Airborne Positions To Respond To Irma Aftermath

Sep 11, 2017

The 101st Airborne is moving to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. The division based at Fort Campbell has shipped out 370 soldiers, 35 helicopters and 40 vehicles.

The 101st's Combat Aviation Brigade loaded Blackhawk medevac choppers and Humvees on giant transport planes to get out of the region before what's left of the Irma arrived in Tennessee. The intent is to move responders behind the storm, even though the Pentagon has not officially called up the division yet.

The brigade's commander says in a written statement that he's being proactive so teams can move at a moment's notice — if local emergency responders need the assistance.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Irma,” Col. Craig J. Alia says. “101 CAB isn’t waiting. We are leaning forward now."

Fort Campbell officials say troops have been preparing for a potential disaster deployment since late last week.