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Tony Gonzalez, a reporter in Nashville since July 2011, covers city news, features inspiring people, and seeks out offbeat stories. He’s also an award-winning juggler and hot chicken advocate who lives in East Nashville with his wife, a professional bookbinder. During his time at The Tennessean newspaper, his investigative reporting and feature stories were honored in the state and nationally. Gonzalez grew up near Chicago and came to Nashville after three years reporting and editing at Virginia's smallest daily newspaper, The News Virginian.

NashvilleNext future
Metro Planning Department

There’s about to be a vote to determine what Nashville will look like as the city grows.

It has taken nearly three years to create the vision, but it could have an impact for decades to come.

It's called "NashvilleNext." It’s a set of big ideas — and rules — that will try to keep life in Nashville as pleasant as possible in the future. And that goes for the urban downtown, for neighborhoods and subdivisions and for the remaining rural areas.

Early voting Davidson County
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

The Davidson County Election Commission held firm Thursday on a decision to open just one early voting site for the August election. But a flurry of activity has left open the chance for that to change.

Nashville polling place
Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

A dispute over Davidson County’s early voting locations reached a new level on Wednesday, with some members of the Metro Council threatening to cut funding for the Election Commission.

Councilwoman Erica Gilmore
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

The Metro Council pushed back against Mayor Karl Dean Tuesday night and eliminated funding for the three biggest city projects in his proposed budget. The council had a tense debate and close votes for all three.

Bowling Avenue sidewalk
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

For years, Nashvillians have complained about “sidewalks to nowhere” — or having no sidewalks at all. But the city is considering a $25 million sidewalk proposal, the largest amount ever for helping people get around on foot.

Deciding where to put those sidewalks can hinge on a scoring system that almost nobody knows about.

Nashville Criminal Justice Center

Opposition continues to mount against a plan to relocate Nashville’s jail. Three state lawmakers who represent the city wrote a letter Monday against the idea.

Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Nashville’s scooter enthusiasts are gathering in the city this weekend and welcoming riders from several neighboring states. And while the rally isn’t the largest in the nation, organizers say they bring a special Nashville spirit to the event — one that welcomes all kinds of scooters.

SEIU / Facebook

Metro Nashville employees moved a step closer to receiving a 2.5 percent pay bump on Tuesday night. The Metro Council needs to pass just one more vote on the pay raise.

Several city employees thanked officials for the likely increase. But those employees also used the moment, in front of hundreds at the Metro Courthouse, to raise broader concerns about possible changes to employee benefits.

Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

A controversial proposal to relocate Davidson County’s jail from downtown to southeast Nashville took a pummeling Tuesday night during a public hearing in front of the Metro Council. Dozens of residents who live nearby spoke in opposition.

Stephen Yeargin / Flickr

Supporters outnumbered detractors Tuesday night during a hearing in front of the Metro Council about a proposed flood protection system for downtown Nashville. But some tensions remain over the $100 million plan.