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Tennessee prisons will lead the way an effort to clamp down on one of the most common contraband items nationwide. The state will soon begin on-site forensic analysis of smuggled cell phones.  

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Nashville is a leader in a field that may seem obvious, but is just emerging: making sure patients get proper care after they leave the ICU. That’s thanks to Vanderbilt Medical Center, which has now launched one of the world’s first networks of post-intensive care clinics. 

One reason post-intensive care is so new, says Carla Sevin, who heads the ICU Recovery Center at Vanderbilt, is because critical care itself only dates back to the 1970s.

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Law enforcement in Tennessee has altered the way it describes prostitution. Now the preferred language is "sex trafficking" or even "human trafficking" — a term that also refers to modern-day slavery.

But the big human trafficking busts that have made headlines in the state have yielded few trafficking charges. So what's behind the change in the way police talk about the selling of sex?  

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Murfreesboro leaders have initiated a plan to increase police patrols and landlord accountability around MTSU. In the past six months, apartment buildings near the campus have seen a spike in gun-related incidents. City officials say one complex is responsible for more than 200 police calls in four months.

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Kids with Down Syndrome don’t usually get to star in a fashion show. But today they do, at the O'More College of Design in Franklin — where the junior fashion design students were paired up with children with special needs, who could request anything their hearts desired from their personal stylists.

Tennessee has one of the highest rates in the nation of hepatitis C, an infectious disease that predominantly affects the liver and is killing far more Americans than any other.

A new interactive map shows that 2.5% of all Tennesseans had or currently have HCV, as it's known, which is twice the national average.  

Epidemiologist Patrick Sullivan led the scientific team behind the HepVu map at Emory University. He says the information should be used to increase public awareness and screenings for the disease.  

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Tennessee’s Republican congressmen all supported the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, which passed the U.S. House Thursday. 

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The nation’s largest hospital chain, based in Nashville, is making a big play in Texas, despite uncertainties in the healthcare market.

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Two icons of Nashville arts and culture were inducted to the Music City Walk of Fame Thursday.

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Since Inauguration Day, Nashville has seen marches for women, for taxes, and this weekend, for science. Organizers and participants are protesting what they say is the Trump Administration's disregard for evidence-based policy.