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A Wilson County man wrongfully convicted of rape and robbery nearly 40 years ago is officially asking the state for $1 million in damages.

The move comes just days after Lawrence McKinney was exonerated by Gov. Bill Haslam.

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When Fred Gray was a high schooler in Nashville, he dreamed of going to Lipscomb University — which he could not, due to segregation. After becoming a lawyer he tried suing the school, and lost. Today, Gray helps raise money and teaches at an institute on campus that bears his name. And Lipscomb is creating the first public archives of his papers.

A Senate subcommittee heard from the deputy director of operations at Oak Ridge National Lab on Tuesday, along with President Trump’s three other nominees to the board of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

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The state of Tennessee has been voted the best in the nation this year for its laws intended to prevent child sex trafficking. That’s according to Shared Hope International, which since 2011 has been grading states in part on their laws combating child sex traffickers.

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In Nashville — and across the country — the number of chronically ill people who need round-the-clock care is rising. The vast majority are baby boomers, and most of the people looking after them aren’t much younger. One local nonprofit offers caregivers a break from their duties — at no cost. Yet despite the growing need, the organization says most families in Davidson County don’t know about the service.

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A Vanderbilt researcher is looking to an unlikely drug in the ongoing fight to stop Alzheimer’s disease in its initial stages.

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A new film festival kicking off Friday in Franklin made a last-minute change. Organizers added a formal discussion about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, against whom allegations of predatory behavior continue to grow. They'll also discuss the resources women have if it happens to them.

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Around 4,000 seasonal migrant workers are helping run Tennessee’s farms this year, through a federal visa program. The White House says it wants to let in fewer of these so-called low-skilled foreigners, in favor of highly educated immigrants. On one farm in Joelton, that’s a little worrying to the Mexican workers. But to third-generation tobacco farmer Joey Knight, it’s a huge concern.    

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State Health Department officials say more Tennesseans died from drug overdoses last year than ever before in recorded history. The more than 1,600 deaths marked a 12 percent increase over the previous year.

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The Tennessee Capitol Commission voted 7-5 today against moving the bust of Confederate General and early KKK leader Nathan Bedford Forrest from the state Capitol to the State Museum. 

Some critics of the initiative — many of whom were elected officials appointed by the legislature — called it a slippery slope that could lead to removing other monuments placed by elected officials. And said all parts of Tennessee history should be preserved, for educational purposes, even those that were painful or wrong.