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Overcrowding at one of Nashville's crisis shelters is actually a good sign to domestic abuse experts. It means a new approach to identifying victims most at risk of being killed by their husbands, wives or former lovers is working.

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A White County judge has rescinded his standing order offering a 30-day reduction in jail time to inmates who get vasectomies or birth-control implants.

More: See the order from Thursday afternoon here

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The Tennessee Congressman whose district includes Fort Campbell says the country doesn’t need or want hundreds of commanders-in-chief.


Marsha Blackburn says there’s only one, and his decision to ban transgender troops from the U.S. armed forces should be respected.

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A Nashville man could serve five years in prison for making violent threats against Tennessee law enforcement, even though some of what he said and posted online is protected by the First Amendment.         

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Senator Bob Corker sang the praises of Bill Hagerty before the chamber overwhelmingly confirmed the Nashville businessman Thursday as the new U.S. ambassador to Japan.

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For the first time ever, Metro employees have paid family leave. The new benefit was unanimously approved this week by the city’s Civil Service Commission and went into effect immediately.

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A Nashville man faces up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to making online threats against law enforcement officers.


Robert Ellis Waddey was indicted earlier this year for posting menacing pictures on Instagram. One was of him holding a pistol with a state trooper’s car in the background. Others were of police officers shot and bleeding on the street. Captions included “only a dead cop is a good cop.”


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In the Cookeville High School gym earlier this year, a man massages his wife’s legs as she gets several teeth pulled. Tyson Jones says they arrived the night before, to line up in the school parking lot. They slept in their car.

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Tennessee prisons will lead the way an effort to clamp down on one of the most common contraband items nationwide. The state will soon begin on-site forensic analysis of smuggled cell phones.  

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Nashville is a leader in a field that may seem obvious, but is just emerging: making sure patients get proper care after they leave the ICU. That’s thanks to Vanderbilt Medical Center, which has now launched one of the world’s first networks of post-intensive care clinics. 

One reason post-intensive care is so new, says Carla Sevin, who heads the ICU Recovery Center at Vanderbilt, is because critical care itself only dates back to the 1970s.