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Mack Linebaugh

Director of Digital Services

Mack is WPLN's Director of Digital Services. He oversees digital content strategy and creation for He works closely with reporters and the news director on editing, writing headlines, reimagining radio stories for the web, producing web-exclusive news content, and using social media to engage the community. He started working for WPLN in 2003, holding positions in membership and marketing, before leaving to start a freelance web development firm in 2008. He returned in 2010 as new media director. Mack studied Anthropology at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. He has also been a touring musician, released albums, and had his songs published in film and television.

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James DeMain

Brian Siskind is more artist than documentarian, but his latest pet project does a bit of both: exploring the essence of color and form as it captures for posterity some of old Nashville's vanishing landscape.


Jim Ridley, editor of Nashville's preeminent free weekly newspaper, the Nashville Scene, has died at age 50. 

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State government needs to help the Middle Tennessee region develop a plan for mass transit. But don't expect the state to provide the answers. That was Gov. Bill Haslam's message Tuesday to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

After an impressive election victory, Megan Barry was sworn in as mayor of Nashville today at 2 p.m. What follows is our live blog of the proceedings, including audio from Barry's inaugural address, photos and a play by play of what happened:

Mack Linebaugh / WPLN

Confused onlookers were common in downtown Nashville Friday morning, as parking spaces along 5th Avenue, Lower Broadway and in the Gulch were being sectioned off and transformed into temporary and tiny public parks.

TDOT / YouTube screenshot

In late July, the Tennessee Department of Transportation began an ambitious project with a snappy name — Fast Fix 8 — to replace eight interstate bridges near downtown Nashville in a matter of weeks.

Stretches of interstate connected by the bridges are being closed on scattered weekends through the end of October. So far, the Fast Fix 8 appears to be on or ahead of schedule. 

We'll continue to update this post with election news, as the votes are counted Thursday night.