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Jay Shah

Jay Shah is the 2018 summer intern at Nashville Public Radio. He is a participant in the Chips Quinn Scholars Program.

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Metro government has a master plan to create a 'regional anchor park' for a part of Davidson county that has often felt neglected.

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The head of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp. said Nissan Stadium has a good shot at hosting World Cup games, after international soccer authorities announced Wednesday that they had chosen the joint United States, Canada and Mexico bid to host the tournament in 2026.

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The Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation denied a request to consider changing the name of Nashville's Hadley Park on Tuesday.

North Nashville resident Joshua Lipscomb collected more than 500 signatures in an online petition to rename the park after Civil Rights leader Malcolm X. He believes the park is currently named for the former slave owner who once owned the land.

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Nanotubes are tiny cylinders of carbon atoms, thousands of times smaller than a single human hair. They are stronger and lighter than steel, more conductive than copper and have thermal properties that are competitive with diamonds.

Efficient and low cost carbon nanotubes would usher in a quiet revolution. The supermaterial has applications with nearly every piece of technology that an average person uses. Touch-screens, computer chips, and even water-filters could benefit from nanotubes.

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Fans won't be able to walk past the stage to take photos at this year's CMA Music Festival. Heightened security measures will keep fans at a distance from the performers.

Other security measures limit the size of the bags allowed onto the grounds and require that bags be see-through, and concertgoers might also see more checkpoints than in previous years.

National African-American Music Museum in Nashville
Courtesy of Oliver McMillan

The National Museum of African American Music is finally beginning to take shape.

After nearly two decades, construction is under way on Lower Broadway in downtown Nashville. Meanwhile, organizers are gathering hundreds of artifacts and designing exhibits for the museum's expected launch next year. 

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Metro Council Member Robert Swope showed off an electric, driverless shuttle this week as part of his proposal to tackle transit problems in Nashville.

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Rutherford County is opening a special court, starting this week, to streamline how the county deals with environmental issues.

Six departments will refer their citations to the court, including Fire and Rescue, Building Codes, Animal Control, Solid Waste, Engineering and Emergency Management.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Updated Friday morning: Authorities today say they captured Steven Wiggins less than 2 miles from where a Dickson County deputy was found fatally shot on Wednesday.