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Many Tennessee voters — Republicans and Democrats alike —  will spend the coming days trying to understand what it will mean for Donald Trump to be president. But for many at the state capitol, attention is turning to Election Day, 2018.

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 After an eventful election season, the Tennessee state legislature is back.


The General Assembly opens its two-year session this week.


There aren’t a lot of new people in the hallways, but our statehouse correspondent, Chas Sisk, is here to tell us why this will be one of most unpredictable sessions in years.

As music journalists are compiling their top ten and best of lists, we asked a small group of Nashville writers to define the sound of the city's music scene over the last year.

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The Grammys announced their nominees for the 2017 awards and numerous Nashville artists made the cut, in a wide array of musical categories. 

Tullahoma tornado
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Updated Thursday at 10:45 a.m.

A pair of tornadoes tore through Coffee County on Tuesday night, snapping trees in half and toppling barns with winds as high as 105 mph. The National Weather Service ranked both Middle Tennessee twisters as EF-1 intensity. And the state has now counted three other tornadoes that touched down in East Tennessee, where two people were killed by a lightning strike.

Over this Thanksgiving millions of people are expected to return to the fictional village of Stars Hollow. They’ll be revisiting the characters of the Gilmore Girls including the town troubadour, Nashville songwriter Grant Lee Phillips.

He appeared numerous times over the course of the show's seven seasons, either playing his own songs or covering everything from Wham to Merle Haggard to House of Freaks.    

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Those aren’t clouds.

Satellite images this week of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee show vast plumes of swirling smoke — due to a mass of ongoing wildfires.

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Less than a week out from the most contentious election in generations, the stars at Wednesday night’s Country Music Association Awards in Nashville did not take the bait.

None of the night’s performers or presenters used their screen time to make any overt political mentions. The show’s hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood poked fun at and lightheartedly lamented the never ending nature of this year’s campaigns, with a few gentle jabs at Donald Trump.

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Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns wants to sift through Nashville's attics.

He's working on an epic 16-hour film on the history of country music. His team has interviewed a hundred musicians and historians so far. But he figures there are some home videos that should be included. Specifically, he's looking for fan footage from the 1950s through the 1990s.

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At Wednesday night's CMA Awards, Dolly Parton will be honored for a lifetime of success.