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Chas joined WPLN in 2015 after eight years with The Tennessean, including more than five years as the newspaper's statehouse reporter. Chas has also covered communities, politics and business in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. Chas grew up in South Carolina and attended Columbia University in New York, where he studied economics and journalism. Outside of work, he's a dedicated distance runner, having completed a dozen marathons.

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It will likely be months before Tennessee legislators decide whether to raise the state’s gas tax. But the debate took on some urgency in the last week, and not inside the walls of the state capitol.

WPLN has been on the road with both Gov. Bill Haslam and the burgeoning opposition.

Statehouse reporter Chas Sisk talked to WPLN’s Blake Farmer about where the debate stands. 

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On a good day, it takes about an hour to drive the 50 miles from downtown Nashville to the courthouse square in Columbia, Tenn.

That's far enough to get a different perspective on the potholes, bottlenecks and traffic jams many Middle Tennesseans complain about.

"I've lived in seven different states," says Tricia Stickel, president of the Maury County Tea Party. "I think we have excellent roads."

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The Tennessee law that lets passengers in a moving vehicle drink alcohol might finally be on the way out.

Gov. Bill Haslam has thrown his weight behind repealing the so-called "pass-the-bottle" rule, and that's leading the loophole's longtime opponents to believe this might be their year.

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A national nonprofit and the state of Tennessee are teaming up to save the state's Civil War sites.

They plan to use money from a four-year old fund to protect 38 battlefields, as well as Underground Railroad sites. Only Virginia has more Civil War battlefields than Tennessee.

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Last week, Governor Bill Haslam announced a plan to provide free community college for everyone.


It's an extension of Tennessee Promise, the program of tuition-free community college enjoyed by recent high school graduates.

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An interpreter from northern Iraq and his family have arrived in Nashville, nine days after their journey to the United States was interrupted.

They were among the hundreds of immigrants caught up in President Trump's partial travel ban.

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Time and money.

Two things that, for most working Tennesseans, there's never enough of.

Tony Kinkel, the president of Motlow State Community College, says it's hard to decide which is the bigger hurdle.

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A Tennessee lawmaker is proposing to highlight newcomers' immigration status by potentially stamping the word "ALIEN" on their driver's licenses.

Opponents say that would invite discrimination and discourage investment by foreign companies

Chas Sisk / WPLN

The road before Gov. Bill Haslam's gas tax proposal just got significantly bumpier.

An East Tennessee lawmaker has put together an alternative to Gov. Bill Haslam's plan to pay for road construction by raising the gas tax, and it's drawing support from some of the most important Republicans in the state House of Representatives.

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Gov. Bill Haslam says green card holders living in Tennessee should have the same rights as American citizens to travel, including to and from the Middle East and North Africa.

That means he doesn't approve of the restrictions President Trump has placed on travel by permanent residents who come from seven Muslim nations.