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The public spoke out to the Metro Council for more than two hours on Tuesday night about proposed short-term rental regulations. The council’s preliminary response shows that at least some new restrictions are likely on platforms such as Airbnb, but there’s still a push to do more.

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The cold may not be sending many people to the hospital for prolonged exposure, but the extended sub-freezing temperatures are promoting an especially intense flu season.


As the holiday shopping season ends and return season begins, customers might not realize that many of those items they send back could end up in landfills across the country.

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Nashville’s intense debate over how to regulate short-term rental properties once again goes before the Metro Council on Tuesday night. The public will make comments for and against services like Airbnb.

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The big hospital chains based in Nashville are accepting some of the blame for the country's opioid crisis, which grows more deadly by the year. They admit they were going overboard with opioids to make people as pain-free as possible. So in an effort to be part of the cure, they're issuing an uncomfortable warning to patients — you're going to feel some pain.

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A Nashville man facing another decade in prison, a year and a half after his release, may be able to continue his life on the outside.

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Editor's note: On Friday night, a judge postponed Matthew Charles's hearing. See the update here.


Last year, a Nashville man got an unlikely chance at redemption.

Matthew Charles walked out of a federal prison a decade before the end of his term, after the Obama administration reduced the minimum sentence guidelines for dealing crack. He has spent the past year and a half rebuilding his life.

But now in a rare case, a higher court says he needs to go back behind bars.

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Nashville — like most locales — is losing its accents. Distinctive voices are diffusing in a modern world with mass media and transient lifestyles. But one 93-year-old is keeping the sound of old Nashville alive.

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Nashville's biggest New Year's Eve party is getting extra security this year: The 100,000 people expected to attend the celebration on Bicentennial Mall will have to pass through metal detectors for the first time.

But the biggest threat organizers see to event-goers isn't terrorism or a gunman — it's the weather. 

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A Wilson County man wrongfully convicted of rape and robbery nearly 40 years ago is officially asking the state for $1 million in damages.

The move comes just days after Lawrence McKinney was exonerated by Gov. Bill Haslam.