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Voters are beginning to cast ballots this week on Nashville’s mass transit proposal.

To get a glimpse into how individuals are making their decisions — for or against — WPLN caught up with voters outside of polling places on the first day of early voting.

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Liquor stores in Tennessee will soon be allowed to open on Sundays, under a measure heading to Gov. Bill Haslam.

The state Senate voted narrowly Wednesday morning to approve a plan that will allow liquor stores to be open all but three days a year: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. The measure will also let grocery stores sell wine on Sundays, starting next January.

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Metro Councilman Robert Swope unveiled his alternative transit proposal on Tuesday, suggesting a futuristic autonomous vehicle fleet and construction of a double-decker interstate loop around downtown Nashville.


Tennessee lawmakers are planning to reauthorize the state Department of Correction for four more years, despite lingering concerns about for-profit prisons and problems at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center.

Reversing a threat made late last year, members of the House Government Operations Committee are moving toward giving the Department of Correction a full extension of its mandate. Under Tennessee law, all state agencies receive a periodic review, during which time the state comptroller conducts an audit and legislators consider whether to change its mission.

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A measure that would require sheriff's departments in Tennessee to hold people suspected of being in the country illegally — even when sheriffs have evidence that they're not — is making its way through the state legislature.

It's being described as a tightening up of a 2009 Tennessee law that banned so-called "sanctuary cities," municipalities that refuse to comply with federal immigration law. But some groups, including those representing immigrants and law enforcement, say the proposal could lead to citizens and legal residents being held unnecessarily.

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Nashville must hold its special election between May 21 and 25 — two and a half months sooner than anticipated — according to a ruling Tuesday from the Tennessee Supreme Court.

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Two health care executives have been indicted and accused of a Medicare kickback scheme. Former CEO of Brentwood-based Comprehensive Pain Specialists John Davis was arrested Monday along with Brenda Montgomery, founder of a company based in Camden called CCC Medical.

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If there’s a statistic that won’t go away it’s the one about how many people move to Nashville each day.

And now a misleading version of this figure is being perpetuated by the pro-transit coalition, which leads a recent full-page ad with the statement, “80 people move to Nashville every day.”

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The Tennessee House has approved a measure that would let consumers buy a bottle of wine or liquor on Sundays.

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Tennessee lawmakers have voted to begin the process of moving President James K. Polk's body, after all.

The state House approved a resolution Monday night authorizing the relocation of the tomb of the nation's 11th president and his wife, Sarah, reversing a vote taken last month that appeared to decide that the Polks would stay put.