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It appears the first vote on Gov. Bill Haslam’s Medicaid expansion proposal may also be the last. On Wednesday afternoon, the Senate Health Committee went solidly against the plan, dubbed Insure Tennessee.


Nissan's U.S. workforce now stands at 22,000, up from just 13,000 prior to a post-recession rebound. The company's Smyrna facility, with its 8,400 workers, produced more cars than any other American plant in 2014. But the company's growth, for the most part, has been through the increasingly common and controversial use of temporary workers.

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The heads of the Tennessee General Assembly are refusing to make a case for Governor Bill Haslam’s Medicaid expansion.

Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey says he’s trying to be as “neutral as possible.”

“I’ve been asked to be a little more persuading than I have [been] by the governor," Ramsey told a group of small business leaders Tuesday. "That’s not where we need to be on this. This is not something where it doesn’t really matter so I’ll twist somebody’s arm. Each individual needs to make up his mind where he is on this.”

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Scores of tea party activists turned out at the state Capitol today, hoping to pressure lawmakers to vote down Gov. Bill Haslam’s Insure Tennessee health plan.


After steady gains and a record year in 2014, sales of the Nissan Leaf dropped nearly 15 percent in January.

Karl Brauer, senior analyst with Kelly Blue Book, says the Smyrna-made Leaf had two factors working against it last month: one it’s electric, two it’s a car.  

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The Nashville Predators are poised to do something that would have seemed unthinkable a decade ago, when attendance hit an all-time low.  In a letter to season ticket holders, the Predators say they may stop selling individual tickets to certain games. The team is also willing to pay a premium to buy back tickets. 

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Nashville has had more job growth in advanced industries since the recession than any other metro area in the country, according to a new study from the Brookings Institute, and it's largely thanks to motor vehicle manufacturers.

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Gov. Bill Haslam urged lawmakers to consider their religious faith as they make up their minds about his Insure Tennessee proposal to expand Medicaid. via Flickr

Some Nashville mayoral candidates waited until the last 20 minutes to hand in their campaign finance reports.

These statements, due Monday afternoon, show how much money they’ve raised and spent since July and provide insights into their campaigns.

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NOTE: We will air live coverage of Governor Haslam's address to a special session of the Tennessee General Assembly tonight. The broadcast begins at 6pm on 90.3 WPLN-FM.