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The Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation denied a request to consider changing the name of Nashville's Hadley Park on Tuesday.

North Nashville resident Joshua Lipscomb collected more than 500 signatures in an online petition to rename the park after Civil Rights leader Malcolm X. He believes the park is currently named for the former slave owner who once owned the land.

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The story of Matthew Charles, a Nashville man sent back to prison after being released for more than two years, has become something of a cause celeb, bringing pleas for his clemency all the way to the Oval Office.

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Nanotubes are tiny cylinders of carbon atoms, thousands of times smaller than a single human hair. They are stronger and lighter than steel, more conductive than copper and have thermal properties that are competitive with diamonds.

Efficient and low cost carbon nanotubes would usher in a quiet revolution. The supermaterial has applications with nearly every piece of technology that an average person uses. Touch-screens, computer chips, and even water-filters could benefit from nanotubes.

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The Nashville Hospital Authority gave their CEO a favorable performance review Monday night — while apologizing for it being his first evaluation since being hired in 2015. The board also decided to keep him on for three more years, and to give him raises, though not starting until next year, citing the city's current budget crunch.

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A nursing home chain with more than two dozen facilities in Tennessee has settled a $230 million Medicare fraud case. 

The government's investigation launched in 2014 when two whistleblowers started collecting evidence on their own.

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Nashville's newest display of public art could easily be overlooked: an antique crib and highchair, littered with baby bottles. It's in the lobby of the Lentz Public Health Center, and the artwork speaks to the ways racism has harmed public health.

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President Donald Trump won't be on the ballot this fall, but he looms large over the races for Congress and governor.

Candidates can boost themselves with conservatives by standing close to Trump — sometimes literally. But no leader in recent history has been as polarizing as the president, so they risk alienating voters elsewhere on the political spectrum.

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A massive room in East Tennessee is now home to the fastest supercomputer in the world. Oak Ridge National Laboratory officially unveiled the machine called Summit late last week, which takes up the size of two tennis courts.

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Tennessee doctors are getting a crash course in the state's new restrictions on opioids ahead of the law taking effect July 1. Physicians are concerned about new liability since the prescribing rules do away with much of their discretion.

Every human is fortunate enough to have this organ inside our skull called the brain. It allows us to breathe, create art, develop new technology — and yet, it's still largely a mystery how these masses of neurons translate into thought.