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Astronomy enthusiasts across the country are already planning out where they’ll be on Aug. 21, when a total solar eclipse will make a path across North America.

As the largest city on that path, Nashville is expecting a boost in tourism from visitors excited about the eclipse. But the Adventure Science Center is also trying to make sure people who live here understand the importance of the celestial occasion, too.

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Drivers were left stranded, mobile homes were swept off their foundations and numerous other property owners suffered damage after flash flooding swept through parts of Sumner County early Friday morning.

Early reports say as much as 7 inches of rain fell in under two hours, causing roadways to become rivers. The rainfall hit just as rush hour was beginning, surprising motorists and trapping three school buses. Rescuers reached the children with rafts and took them to safety.

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Portara Ensemble is ending its season of choral concerts with a program benefiting Nashville's street newspaper, The Contributor. In choosing the music, Director Jason Shelton took inspiration from the poetry that homeless and formerly homeless vendors submit to the paper and the stories of the vendors lives. The concert From Beginning to End: Music of Live, Love and Loss is at 4pm Sunday at Downtown Presbyterian Church, which has long housed The Contributor's vendor office. About 30 members of the choir gathered in Studio C to give us a preview.

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Nashville Mayor Megan Barry met with the city's police chief and top prosecutor Friday morning to settle a running dispute. The feud stems from a new arrangement for investigating shootings by police officers.

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Nashville's public school employees have a 26,000-square-foot fitness gym and walk-in clinic that they can now use for free. The perk is meant to be the first of several wellness centers. And it's part of a larger effort to drive down insurance costs.

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Two hours before a playoff game against the Anaheim Ducks, and the party is already under way on the plaza outside Nashville's Bridgestone Arena.

This is "Smashville," and Predators fans are kicking things off by taking a sledgehammer to a junked sedan, painted over with the Ducks logo and color scheme.

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What will be the tallest residential high-rise in Nashville is now as tall as it’s going to get. The building, called the 505, is forty-five stories and changes the skyline of Music City.

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Nashville’s public schools have had a difficult time finding substitute teachers, even raising pay to alleviate the shortage. But one of Metro’s most popular subs has been around for 30 years — and that was after a long career in education. The children know him as “Mr. Frank,” and, at 91, he can still command a classroom full of children.

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Rutherford County is going to have to stop its policy of arresting and detaining children accused of minor crimes, at least for the time being. A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction in favor of a lawsuit that claims the county has spent years unlawfully detaining juveniles.   

In a written ruling, U.S. District Judge Waverly Crenshaw said Rutherford County is depriving juveniles of their rights. He ordered that the county bring in an outside party to determine whether minors should be detained until a court appearance.  

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The first test for a new agreement between Metro Police and the District Attorney showed there's still some gray area in who leads investigations when a Nashville officer shoots someone. The topic is high on the agenda when DA Glenn Funk and police chief Steve Anderson meet for a mediation session with the mayor on Friday.