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Tennessee lawmakers have rejected a measure that would've required a paper receipt for all ballots cast in the state.

In a meeting Tuesday of the Senate's State and Local Government Committee, legislators voted down a bill intended to create a paper trail for auditors to follow in the event electronic voting machines are hacked.

Lamar Alexander FAFSA
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Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander says he's on board with strengthening background checks, as the White House has implicitly endorsed. He also says there's no excuse for inaction after the Parkland school shooting.

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A bill that would raise the age to use a tanning bed is moving forward in the Tennessee House. But some in the Republican majority are expressing concerns about over-regulating health.

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“Black geeks” want to be heard: That's the focus of a two-week celebration organized by Nashville business and tech leaders in honor of Black History Month.

And the events this year are dominated by the blockbuster movie Black Panther, which is fueling more conversation about representation.

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Tennessee Democrats are renewing their push to back up electronic voting machines with paper records, amid warnings that hackers will try to influence this year's elections.

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Last week’s shooting at a high school in Florida has reignited the debate over the nation’s gun policies.

That includes Tennessee, where in a terrible coincidence, a panel of state lawmakers happened to be holding their first hearing on new gun bills while the tragedy in Florida was unfolding.


Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander voted with most in his party on all but one of the immigration proposals put forward this week. 

The bipartisan legislation from the so-called "Common Sense Coalition" was swatted down by most Republicans. But Alexander voted with Democrats in favor of it.

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Sewanee, a liberal arts university in Middle Tennessee, has decided it will not revoke an honorary degree it awarded to Charlie Rose in 2016.

The veteran news anchor was accused by several women late last year of making unwanted sexual advances in the workplace, and some students at Sewanee: The University of the South had wanted its governing board to take action.

Rejoice School of Ballet
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In its latest stage production, a multi-racial youth ballet company in Nashville has decided to tell the story of American slavery and racism.

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The first order of business for Metro Council's special committee will be to hire an outside lawyer that will work with the city's auditing team, the committee decided Thursday. That person will help determine if Mayor Megan Barry violated ethics rules during her extramarital relationship with Sgt. Rob Forrest, the former head of her security detail.