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Nashville's in-school clinics for teachers and their families are successfully reducing health care costs. According to a new study led by the nonprofit RAND Corporation, primary care delivered within Metro Schools saves more than $700 a year for every teacher who uses it.

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Imagine walking flat-footed everywhere you went, that's what traditional prosthetics can often feel like.

But engineers at Vanderbilt University say they've found a solution for amputees that complain about soreness and pain when walking on slopes or climbing stairs.

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Nashville will soon add more scrutiny over the spending of the city government — and this time leaders in the private sector will be asked for advice.

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This week in Studio C, the spotlight was on students who are wrapping up nearly a month of intense study at the Tennessee Governor's School for the Arts. Of the 331 teenagers at the school this year, 166 are studying music. A handful of those students stopped by to give performances of the repertoire they've been working on. 

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Health workers in Nashville have turned their focus to homeless people amid a growing outbreak of hepatitis A and some of the first diagnosed cases among people living on the streets. They're finding it takes some convincing to get many to agree to a vaccination.

Manuel Cuevas with Johnny Cash
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Nashville tailor Manuel Cuevas, the maker of rhinestone-studded suits worn by entertainers like Elvis Presley and Jack White, is receiving one of the nation's highest honors for folk artists.

The National Endowment for the Arts announced this week that he has won its National Heritage Fellowship, one of only 10 people who'll receive the honor this year.

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The slimmed-down Nashville city budget is locked in for next year, but council members are already warning about more severe cuts in the years to come. Some see a growing gap between all that the city needs to pay for, and having enough money to do so.

Hunter Armistead

For singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier, coming to country music in her 40s was one of many things that made her feel like an industry outsider. Today, Mary speaks with poet Destiny Birdsong about her unconventional entry into the music business, and how an unforgettable performance at the Ryman redefined Mary’s relationship to her music — and to herself. Destiny takes the high notes of their conversation and composes an original poem.

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One of the clear losers in Nashville’s new government budget is the Metro Finance Department. A last-minute change will cut its budget by $103,000, likely eliminating at least one staff member.

While the dollar amount isn’t large, the reduction reveals how frustrated the Metro Council has become with some of the spending ideas among the city’s top finance officials.

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Nashville Airport Authority is trying to keep up with the flood of tourists and business travellers that have made Nashville International one of the fastest growing airports in the country.