Origins of Influence: The Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Modern Art | Nashville Public Radio
  • APRIL 7, 2016 - DECEMBER 1, 2017
  • The Carl Van Vechten Gallery, Fisk University, Nashville
  • April 7, 2016 to
    December 1, 2017
  • Category: Visual Arts and Museum Exhibits

Event Details

  • April 7, 2016 to
    December 1, 2017
  • 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • $10
  • under 18s free, university students $5, and seniors $6


Event Description

Fisk University's Carl Van Vechten Gallery will exhibit, "Origins of Influence: The Alfred Stieglitz Collection of Modern Art" through December 1st, 2017. The collection celebrates the legacy of the modernist movement. After his death in 1946, Stieglitz’s widow, Georgia O’Keefe, & her assistant Doris Bry, catalogued & donated most of his extensive collection to institutions at home & abroad. Fisk University was among the first to receive works from this collection. Dr. Charles S. Johnson (1893-1956), Fisk University’s first African-American president & his close friend, Carl Van Vechten (1880-1964), a New York writer, photographer, philanthropist, & friend of O’Keefe, influenced her decision to give works to the university for the establishment of an on-campus art gallery. A new spirit enveloped American life at the dawn of the 20th century. It was a spirit of change, dissent, revolution, & of hopefulness. New directions seemed possible in politics, the arts, & in the quality of life overall. Institutions & established ways of thinking were subjected to critical reappraisals. Experimentation replaced acquiescence to received customs & traditions. Alfred Stieglitz embodied this new spirit more than any of his contemporaries working in the arts. At a time when American culture was redefining its fundamental ways of seeing, thinking, & experiencing the world, Stieglitz’s seminal role as artist & art impresario defined him as a singular force for shaping a new American vision of art & culture.

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