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UT researchers have created a mass grave at the university's Forensic Anthropology Center, also known as the "body farm." They're using spectral imagery and and a laser scanning technology known as LIDAR to examine how the burial site will change over a three year period. Image: University of Tennessee

Tennessee Lab Uses Lasers From The Sky To Find Unmarked Graves

by / on January 2, 2014

Technology from Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Lab could one day help in the discovery of war crimes or genocide. Researchers are looking for new ways to detect unmarked graves.

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Chancellors to UT Faculty: No Change in Benefits for the Unmarried

Chancellors to UT Faculty: No Change in Benefits for the Unmarried

by / on September 24, 2012

University of Tennessee leaders say faculty attempts to extend benefits to unmarried and gay partners won’t work. They contend such a move would be against the law.

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As Nuclear Plants Age, UT Gets Funds for More Nuke Research

by / on May 8, 2012

The University of Tennessee is one of more than a dozen schools that will get federal money for research into how to make new nuclear plants more efficient.

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General Assembly To State Schools: You Can’t Make Student Groups Take ‘All Comers’

by / on April 18, 2012

Earlier this spring, student groups at Vanderbilt University fought back against a requirement that they accept “all comers.” The rule upset some Tennessee lawmakers, too, and they can vote on Thursday for a bill to essentially express their disapproval. But one is asking for an opinion on whether the bill passes legal muster.ristian groups said if they couldn’t require potential leaders to be Christian, they’d leave the campus.

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Strong Investment Returns Mean More Money for University Chairs of Excellence

by / on November 28, 2011

The stock market has been good to the endowment that pays for Chairs of Excellence at Tennessee universities. After several years of losses, the fund has earned more than 56 million dollars in the last two years.

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State-Run Universities Ask for That Raise

by / on November 15, 2011

Last year the state legislature approved a new funding scheme for higher education meant to reward schools that move students efficiently toward a degree. Now state-run schools are asking for the reward money, even as they’re supposed to proposed cuts to their own budgets.

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Drug with UT Roots Has Potential to Protect from Radiation

by / on November 8, 2011

Federal officials have awarded a 15-million dollar grant to a Tennessee bioresearch company, in hopes that it can develop a drug to counteract radiation exposure.

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UT Athletic Director Resigns

by / on June 7, 2011

The University of Tennessee athletic department is losing yet another of its leaders, this time at the very top. Athletic Director Mike Hamilton is stepping down.

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Gun on Campus Deferred for the Year

by / on May 4, 2011

A bill to allow college faculty and staff to carry legal guns on campus was deferred for a year — finally — by a vote of five to three in the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

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Campus Police Continue Opposition to Guns at School

by / on May 3, 2011

Police chiefs from the University of Tennessee system will gather again Wednesday to fight a proposed law to let faculty and staff carry legal firearms on their campuses.

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DiPietro Named UT President

by / on October 22, 2010

The Chancellor of UT’s Institute of Agriculture was promoted today to lead the entire University of Tennessee system.

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Tennessee Universities Win Clean Energy Grant

by / on September 9, 2010

A group of Tennessee universities have won a 20 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to develop new clean energy technologies.

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UT Makes National List for Small Gap Between Hispanic and White Graduation Rates

by / on August 11, 2010

Hispanic graduation rates slightly outpace those of white students at the state’s flagship university.

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Bredesen Recommends Independent Background Checks for UT Presidential Candidates

by / on June 25, 2010

Governor Phil Bredesen is urging the University of Tennessee board of directors to take more care in choosing the university’s next president. The governor told the board yesterday that after two failed presidencies on his watch, he wants better background checks on potential candidates.

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