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Virtual School Caps Advance, Closure Proposal Dies

Virtual School Caps Advance, Closure Proposal Dies

by / on February 12, 2013

Teachers filled the front row of a state legislative committee room to support their embattled virtual school. Ultimately, the panel advanced legislation that would cap enrollment if a trend of poor grades persists.

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Redistricting Plan Pits a Dozen Incumbents, Creates Six New Districts

by / on January 4, 2012

A dozen incumbent members of the state House – mostly Democrats – would have to run against each other in the redistricting plan released by Republicans Wednesday. One contest pits two Representatives in Davidson County.

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Democrats Announce Strategy to Combat Voter ID Law

by / on October 31, 2011

Tennessee Democrats say the state’s new voter ID law disenfranchises minorities and the elderly. It  requires a photo ID to cast a ballot. Now they’ve unveiled a strategy to fight the law.

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Tort Reform Bill One Step from Governor’s Pen

by / on May 9, 2011

Governor Bill Haslam’s signature business bill – one that limits non-economic damages lawsuits – passed the state House of Representatives Monday.

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Anti-terrorist Bill Gets House Committee Okay

by / on April 26, 2011

Muslim men and women – identified by cultural dress and stickers saying, “I’m a Tennessean and I vote,” filled the state legislature Tuesday. Hundreds more watched TV monitors from the halls, as the House Judiciary committee edited out all references to religion in a bill that now targets “terrorists.”

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Lawmakers Propose “Green Jobs” Fund

by / on March 23, 2010

A bill moving through the state legislature would set up a planning process for the state to encourage so-called “green jobs.”

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TACIR, Legislators Try to Determine Whether Telecommunications Tax Structure is Fair

by / on December 30, 2009

A recent state report says the way telecommunications companies are taxed is unfair and needs changing. Legislators aren’t convinced that’s the case.

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