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Attorney John Jay Hooker speaks at the Tennessee Legislature. The 83-year-old says he has made it his life's mission to prove the current system for selecting judges is unconstitutional. Credit: Sean Braisted via Flickr

Special Court Rebuffs John Jay Hooker’s Latest Swing At Tennessee Judicial Selection

by / on April 23, 2014

A specially-appointed Tennessee Supreme Court has denied a challenge to the state’s selection process for judges. It’s yet another failed lawsuit filed by activist attorney John Jay Hooker.

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Senators Vote for Judicial Selection Amendment Hoping for Failure

by / on February 21, 2013

Some state senators held their noses and voted Thursday for a constitutional amendment regarding how judges are chosen in Tennessee. The measure largely keeps the current system in tact with appointments by the governor and retention elections every eight years.

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Senate OKs Federal-Style Judge Appointment, Requires Constitutional Change

by / on April 23, 2012

Monday night the state Senate signed off on a proposal for selecting judges that would let them grill the nominees live, just like the U.S. Senate does in Washington. The change requires a constitutional amendment.

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Competing Judge Appointment Ideas Swoop Towards Senate Floor

by / on April 10, 2012

Two very different ways of appointing state judges flew out of a state Senate Committee Tuesday and were immediately scheduled for a floor vote on Wednesday.

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Rep. Casada Says His ‘Elect the Supremes’ Idea Is Still Alive

by / on February 7, 2012

A bill to directly elect Supreme Court justices in Tennessee has been delayed, but the lawmaker behind the push says it’s not dead. The Republican-led legislation conflicts with a proposal from Governor Bill Haslam, who wants to write the current judicial appointment process into the state constitution.

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Judicial Selection Critics Wave Caution Flag on Constitutional Amendment

by / on January 25, 2012

Critics of the way Tennessee names its Supreme Court justices and appellate judges are waving a caution flag Wednesday. Governor Bill Haslam proposed making the much-debated judicial selection process more permanent by writing it into the state constitution.

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State Legislators Approach Judicial Selection Compromise

by / on May 28, 2009

State lawmakers passed a compromise measure today to tweak and temporarily extend the state’s process for selecting judges, which had been set to phase out at the end of June.

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GOP Leader Wants to Put Off Judicial Selection Decision

by / on May 26, 2009

Republicans are working to cobble together a compromise that satisfies two differing philosophies on how to select judges in Tennessee.

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Legislation on Judicial Selection Gets “Express Lane”

by / on May 19, 2009

Bills that would extend the current method of selecting judges – with a new cast of characters in the nominating commission – continued through the state legislative committee system Tuesday.

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Judicial Selection Amendment Emerges from Senate

by / on May 13, 2009

Tennesseans could be asked to vote on how to choose judges, under a plan proposed yesterday by state Senator Mark Norris of Memphis.

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