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Chris Barbic (left) was chosen by Gov. Bill Haslam to lead the state's Achievement School District. He previously started YES Prep in Houston, which also serves primarily low-income minority students. Credit: TN Photo Services

Black Caucus Wants Chris Barbic To Come Talk Charter School Segregation

by / on January 23, 2014

African Americans in the Tennessee legislature are requesting a personal visit from the superintendent overseeing the state’s lowest performing schools. At a recent forum, Chris Barbic said creating diversity shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of charter schools.

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Democrats Keep Top Leaders in Place

Democrats Keep Top Leaders in Place

by / on December 12, 2012

Democrats in the Tennessee House will stick with the status quo when it comes to their leaders.

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Shaw Wants More Cooperative Spirit from Democrats

by / on December 11, 2012

Democrats in the state house are electing their leaders Wednesday. And for some, the party’s diminished role is cause for change.

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House OKs Absentee Voting for School Boards, Ignoring Own Proxy Voting

by / on March 30, 2012

School boards who want to use teleconferencing to let absent members participate in meetings could do so under a bill passed in the state House Thursday.

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House Gives Teachers Permission to Pray at the Flagpole

by / on March 1, 2012

Teachers and coaches could gather with their students at prayer and religious observances before and after school, under a bill passed by the state House of Representatives today

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Memphis Lawmaker Remembered as Truth Teller, Tireless Campaigner

by / on November 9, 2010

A longtime Memphis lawmaker has died. Fellow Democratic legislators remember Rep. Ulysses Jones as a tireless campaigner and a truth teller.

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Equal Parenting Time Sponsor Agrees to Compromise

by / on April 13, 2010

A controversial bill to mandate that a child in a divorce spend equal time with father and mother was resurrected Tuesday in Tennessee’s House of Representatives.

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Chamber Report Card Calls for Constitutional Convention

by / on February 18, 2010

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce wants the state to hold a constitutional convention to address school funding issues.

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