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Recent events held by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have attracted hecklers. Credit: GovChristie via Flickr

Tennessee GOP Nabs Governor Chris Christie For Annual Fundraiser

by / on March 19, 2014

The Tennessee Republican Party has recruited a GOP lightning rod to keynote its annual fundraiser. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will speak at the Statesmen’s Dinner in May.

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House Hammers UN Sustainability Program as ‘Evil,’ ‘Insidious’

by / on March 15, 2012

The State House voted 72 to 23 to label a worldwide environmental sustainability program promoted by the United Nations as ‘evil.’

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Rep. Casada Says His ‘Elect the Supremes’ Idea Is Still Alive

by / on February 7, 2012

A bill to directly elect Supreme Court justices in Tennessee has been delayed, but the lawmaker behind the push says it’s not dead. The Republican-led legislation conflicts with a proposal from Governor Bill Haslam, who wants to write the current judicial appointment process into the state constitution.

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Anti-Income Tax Amendment Half Way to Being on Ballot

by / on January 19, 2012

Seven months after Republicans first brought it up for a vote– the state House finally approved a proposal to put anti-income tax language in the Tennessee constitution. Republicans wanted to pass the resolution at their last meeting in May – but not enough lawmakers stuck around after passing a budget.

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Senate OKs Anti-Income Tax Constitutional Amendment

by / on May 18, 2011

A proposal to alter the state Constitution to ban a state income tax got final approval – for this session – in the state Senate today.

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Corporations Would Gain Political Clout Under New Law

by / on May 17, 2011

Corporations would have new freedom to contribute directly to state political campaigns under a bill ready for a vote by the state legislature.

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Amendment to Ban Income Tax Ready for Floor Votes

by / on May 10, 2011

Resolutions to ban a state income tax by constitutional amendment are ready to go to the full to Tennessee General Assembly.

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Tennessee House Passes Bill to Overrule Nashville Ordinance

by / on April 25, 2011

Metro Nashville’s new anti-discrimination ordinance, which requires city contractors to not discriminate against people because of sexual orientation, would be overturned by a meausure which cleared the state House of Representatives Monday.

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Bill to Ban Anti-discrimination Policy Moves Forward in State House

by / on April 12, 2011

A week after Metro Council passed a new anti-discrimination ordinance, a bill aiming to cancel it out is headed to a floor vote in Tennessee’s House of Representatives.

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Casada Returns with Focused Bill to Override Local Anti-Bias Ordinances

by / on April 6, 2011

Less than 24 hours after the Metro Council passed a measure to prevent discrimination of gay and lesbian workers by city contractors, a state lawmaker kick-started a new bill to wipe out such ordinances.

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Legislature Debates Take-over of Federal Health Care Programs

by / on March 28, 2011

A million Tennesseans who use Medicare could see that program operated by the state instead of the federal government, under a proposal that’s before the state legislature this week.

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Attempt to Block Metro Non-Discrimination Measure Fails

by / on March 2, 2011

State lawmakers unexpectedly slapped down a bill Wednesday that was meant to stop a non-discrimination measure in Nashville.

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Metro Council Considers Anti-Discrimination Measure as State Legislator Tries to Bar Effort

by / on February 15, 2011

Metro Council is poised to take up a proposal barring companies that hold city contracts
from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
But at the same time, a bill moving through the state legislature would prevent that
change from happening.

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House Republican Caucus Chairman Looks To Lift Corporate Spending Ban

by / on January 22, 2010

A state representative is hoping to lift a Tennessee ban on corporate contributions to political races. That’s as the U.S. Supreme Court has just overturned a similar ban at the federal level.

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General Assembly Begins Work on Community College Plan

by / on January 19, 2010

Tuesday, state lawmakers began work on Governor Phil Bredesen’s plan to create a single, unified community college curriculum for certain core courses.

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House Votes to Overturn Guns in Bars Veto

by / on June 3, 2009

Tennessee House members voted Wednesday to override the governor’s veto of a law allowing gun-carriers to go into restaurants that serve alcohol.

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