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Lawmaker Eyes Surveillance Rules for Police Drone Aircraft

by / on April 9, 2012

The Federal Aviation Administration is preparing rules to let drone aircraft fly in the same air space as manned aircraft. But meantime, drones can still fly at lower elevations. And one state representative wants to make sure police in Tennessee don’t use drones for illegal spying.

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Nashville Airport Going Ahead with FAA Funded Projects

by / on August 4, 2011

With the Federal Aviation Administration in a partial shutdown, a handful of projects at the Nashville airport are in reimbursement limbo. It’s not clear if the agency will ultimately pay out grant money for work that’s done right now.

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Proposed FAA Cuts Would Affect Jackson Airport

by / on August 2, 2011

The future of passenger flights at the Jackson Airport hinges on a Congressional battle. The facility is one of 13 community airports that stand to lose funding under a GOP bill that passed the House but not the Senate.

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Nashville Airport Determining Effects of FAA Funding Freeze

by / on July 25, 2011

After Congress failed Friday to pass legislation to keep the Federal Aviation Administration operating, airport construction projects across the country have been halted. At Nashville’s airport, officials are trying to figure out what that will mean.

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MTSU Launches New Aerospace Program

by / on March 14, 2011

Middle Tennessee State University unveiled a new air traffic control simulator Monday. The university hopes to use it to recruit and train more aerospace students.

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