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Hot, Dry Weather Ramps Up Air Alerts

by / on July 9, 2012

Saturday marked the thirteenth air quality alert for the Nashville area due to higher temperatures and dry weather conditions.

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Fuel Supply Pinched in Memphis

by / on August 12, 2011

Tennessee’s two U.S. Senators are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to temporarily relax rules over what kind of fuel gas stations can sell in Shelby County. That’s after a fire damaged the Valero oil refinery in Memphis, threatening the city with a fuel shortage.

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Air Pollution Settlement Fuels TVA Argument to Increase Debt Limit

by / on April 25, 2011

The Tennessee Valley Authority is asking for permission from the federal government to borrow more money. TVA is approaching a $30 billion debt limit set in 1979 just as the utility has agreed to a landmark air pollution settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency.

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TVA Settles Clean Air Claims

by / on April 14, 2011

The Tennessee Valley Authority announced an expensive settlement Thursday that solves many of its legal problems related to air pollution in one fell swoop.

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Report Considers Tennessee a Test Case for Leaving Coal Ash Regulation to States

by / on October 26, 2010

On Wednesday morning in Knoxville, the EPA wraps up its series of public hearings on rules for storing the ash created by coal-burning power plants. In advance of the meeting, a regional environmental group a report on Tennessee’s response to the spill at the Kingston Steam Plant.

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EPA Wraps Up Orphan Container Search Without Major Spill

by / on July 26, 2010

The Environmental Projection Agency has now disposed of some 8,300 fuel and chemical containers scattered by May’s flooding. The EPA is reporting only minor spills and no long term damage.

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TVA Ash Spill Clean-up Moves to Next Phase,Will Store Ash Onsite Using New Precautions

by / on June 1, 2010

The Tennessee Valley Authority is shifting into the next phase of its cleanup of the massive coal-ash spill near Knoxville. That’s where an earthen dam burst in December of 2008, spilling millions of tons of ash sludge, which is what’s left over after coal is burned for energy and dumped in a lake. And now TVA says it will keep some of the ash from the cleanup on site.

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Final Cleanup Plan for Kingston Ash Spill Will Take another Year or More: EPA

by / on May 24, 2010

TVA is wrapping up its operation to dredge ash out of the Emory River this week, even though it’s leaving between a quarter and a half million cubic yards of ash in the waterway. That’s at the Kingston Fossil Plant where an earthen dam broke a year and a half ago, spilling several million tons of ash sludge.

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EPA Ruling May Accomplish Goals of Mountaintop Removal Opponents

by / on April 2, 2010

A crackdown on water quality around coal mining sites may accomplish the goals of mountaintop removal opponents in Tennessee. Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency issued stricter guidance for enforcing the Clean Water Act when coal producers blow away mountaintops and push them into nearby valleys.

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EPA Approves Fly Ash Shipments to Perry County, Alabama

by / on July 2, 2009

Thursday the Environmental Protection Agency approved shipping 3 million tons of spilled coal fly ash from Kingston to Perry County, Alabama.

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EPA Finds Ashland City Elementary Air Is Safe

by / on June 24, 2009

Initial test results show that the air around Ashland City Elementary is safe to breathe, despite being topping USAToday’s ranking of the nation’s –quote- “most polluted schools.”

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Kingston Ash Clean Up Trades Water Quality for Speed

by / on June 22, 2009

TVA’s coal ash clean up in Kingston is sacrificing water quality for speed.

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House Votes Down Relaxing Tennessee’s Water Quality Standards

by / on June 4, 2009

The state House of Representatives voted down a bill that would’ve allowed more of the mineral, selenium, in Tennessee’s water than the EPA deems safe.

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EPA Takes Control of TVA Kingston Spill Site

by / on May 11, 2009

The Environmental Protection Agency will now call the shots at TVA’s coal ash spill site in Roane County. The public power utility signed an agreement with federal regulators Monday.

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