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NRA-Backed Rogers Unseats Maggart

NRA-Backed Rogers Unseats Maggart

August 2, 2012 at 11:42 pm

A four-term member of the state House has been unseated by political newcomer Courtney Rogers who enjoyed the backing of the National Rifle Association. Incumbent Debra Maggart lost the seat after an outside campaign to defeat her.

Maggart Fights for Seat After Crossing the NRA

Maggart Fights for Seat After Crossing the NRA

July 27, 2012 at 5:06 am

Listen Now: The National Rifle Association has just a few named enemies this campaign season. The first is obvious – President Obama. Another is much lower profile but perhaps more precedent setting – a Republican state lawmaker from Hendersonville.

Ramsey Says Gun Group’s Political Efforts May Hinder Gun Bill

July 12, 2012 at 5:38 pm

State Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey says the Tennessee Firearms Association’s involvement in GOP primaries may hurt future chances for a compromise on the so-called “guns in parking lots” bill.

Maggart to Get Reelection Help from Governor

Maggart to Get Reelection Help from Governor

June 5, 2012 at 1:35 pm

Governor Bill Haslam is slowly revealing which state lawmakers will get his help with their reelection campaigns. Rep. Debra Maggart will be one of the first.

Collective Bargaining Headed to Conference Committee

May 19, 2011 at 4:53 pm

The state House of Representatives today set up a possible fight with the Senate over how much power to strip away from the Tennessee Education Association.

Collective Bargaining Vote Delayed, Another Union Bill Marches Forward

May 16, 2011 at 11:45 pm

Members of the Tennessee Education Association in red tee-shirts watched warily last night, as their right to negotiate with school boards survived one more vote. The state House of Representatives delayed considering a kinder, gentler bill regarding collective bargaining. Instead, House members found another way to fight over the teachers’ union.

Kinder, Gentler Collective Bargaining Bill Survives in Committee

May 11, 2011 at 5:27 pm

The speaker of the Tennessee House broke a tie (today/yesterday) to help move a bill that would change the collective bargaining rights of the state teachers’ union.

Tougher Collective Bargaining Bill Sent Back to Committee for Review

May 3, 2011 at 9:38 pm

The effort to take away collective bargaining from the Tennessee Education Association continued its roller coaster ride at the state legislature yesterday. The measure coasted back to a previous stop.

Legislative Compromise on Collective Bargaining Introduced

March 16, 2011 at 5:30 pm

A bill that would have taken away collective bargaining from the Tennessee Education Association was rewritten in a legislative committee yesterday. It’s a compromise that was engineered by the Speaker of the Tennessee House.

Capitol Hill Conversation: Gov. Haslam Slows GOP Bill Banning Collective Bargaining

January 31, 2011 at 6:45 am

Tennessee’s teachers could be in for some big changes under bills sponsored by Republicans. The party may be banking on their new majorities, but State Capitol correspondent Joe White tells WPLN’s Jacqueline Fellows Tennessee’s Republican Governor, Bill Haslam, is putting the brakes on at least one proposal.

Haslam Defends Teachers Amidst Anti-Union Effort

January 26, 2011 at 2:59 pm

An effort to ban collective bargaining for teachers in Tennessee isn’t getting the outright support of the new Republican governor. Bill Haslam says to think that the state’s problems are all the fault of teachers is “dead wrong.”

General Assembly Works On Finalizing Health Care Protest Bill

June 7, 2010 at 6:04 pm

Tennessee legislators have been fighting since February over a proposed reprimand of the federal government’s health reform act. The Senate and the state House are now poised to hash out a final version of what’s called the Health Freedom Act.

Proposed Juvenile Sex Offender Registry Now Targets “High Risk”

March 16, 2010 at 10:38 pm

A controversial bill to create a registry for violent juvenile sex offenders was approved by the Judiciary Committee in the Tennessee House of Representatives yesterday. The measure now targets juvenile offenders considered “high risk.”

Legislature Considers Making Names of Adolescent Sex Offenders Public

February 10, 2010 at 6:49 pm

A controversial bill to create a public list of teenagers who commit violent sex offenses is moving through the Tennessee state legislature.

Study Committee On Infant Mortality Asks For More Time

February 9, 2010 at 5:15 pm

For every one thousand children born in Tennessee, about nine die before their first birthday. A study committee of state lawmakers wants more time to search for answers.

Abortion Amendment Finally Passes State House

May 19, 2009 at 6:23 am

Voters in Tennessee are closer than ever to weighing in on abortion restrictions.