Articles by: Jacqueline Fellows

Capitol Hill Conversation – Tort Reform

by / on March 28, 2011

Tennessee business interests and physicians cranked up their lobbying efforts behind Governor Bill Haslam’s tort reform proposal last week. WPLN’s Jacqueline Fellows and Joe White discuss the popular Republican who’s pushing back on the bill.

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Capitol Hill Conversation: Collective Bargaining Compromise

by / on March 21, 2011

House Republicans have backed off of stripping Tennessee teachers of their collective bargaining rights. WPLN’s Jacqueline Fellows and Joe White explain the newest proposal.

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Sen. Alexander Wants Leaner Education Regulations

by / on March 18, 2011

A new education task force will look at streamlining state and federal education regulations. At issue is whether students take too many tests.

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Capitol Hill Conversation: State of the State

by / on March 14, 2011

Governor Bill Haslam’s first State of the State speech comes at a difficult time for Tennessee: unemployment is on the rise and federal stimulus money is gone. WPLN’s State Capitol Correspondent Joe White joins Jacqueline Fellows for a preview of the Governor’s speech.

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Colleges Not on Board with Guns on Campus

by / on March 7, 2011

Tennessee is one of at least half a dozen states this year that’s considering allowing concealed guns on college campuses. But, colleges are saying, “no thanks.”

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Country Music Hall of Fame Names Newest Members

by / on March 1, 2011

Reba McEntire has already earned a place among country music’s most respected performers. But now, it’s official. She, along with veteran singer Jean Shephard and songwriter Bobby Braddock are the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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Capitol Hill Conversation: History of Teacher’s Collective Bargaining

by / on February 28, 2011

This week, the Tennessee teachers union is planning a rally at the state capitol to try and stop Republican lawmakers from taking away their collective bargaining rights. WPLN’s state capitol correspondent Joe White and Jacqueline Fellows discuss how the fight in Tennessee is different from what unions may lose in Wisconsin.

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Most ICU Patients Return Home With Brain Injury

Most ICU Patients Return Home With Brain Injury

by / on February 25, 2011

Hospital patients who go home after a stay in intensive care may leave thinking the worst is over, but 60 to 80 percent are likely going home with a new problem – a brain injury.

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Capitol Hill Conversation: Teacher’s Unions in Turmoil over Bill

by / on February 22, 2011

Tennessee’s teachers’ unions lost their first round with Senate Republicans last week over ending the union’s collective bargaining power. WPLN’s state capitol correspondent Joe White tells Jacqueline Fellows the measure could face a tougher road in the House.

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Corker Remains on Senate Banking Committee

by / on February 9, 2011

U.S. Senate committee assignments were finalized last week.

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Capitol Hill Conversation: Electing TN’s Attorney General

by / on February 7, 2011

Tennessee Republicans are proposing to elect the state’s Attorney General. WPLN’s Jacqueline Fellows and Joe White discuss the politics of changing a constitutional statute that’s over 100 years old.

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Report Shows Consumers Are in Wait-and-See Mode

by / on February 3, 2011

Consumer confidence in Middle Tennessee is on the rise, but it won’t necessarily translate into more spending.

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Capitol Hill Conversation: Gov. Haslam Slows GOP Bill Banning Collective Bargaining

by / on January 31, 2011

Tennessee’s teachers could be in for some big changes under bills sponsored by Republicans. The party may be banking on their new majorities, but State Capitol correspondent Joe White tells WPLN’s Jacqueline Fellows Tennessee’s Republican Governor, Bill Haslam, is putting the brakes on at least one proposal.

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Red Cross Blood Supply Lowest in Decade

by / on January 26, 2011

The National Red Cross says its blood supply is at a ten-year low because of the severe winter weather. Tennessee residents are being asked to help.

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GOP Says Rep. Cohen Fractures Civility with “Nazi” Claims

by / on January 20, 2011

State GOP officials say Memphis Democrat Steve Cohen has gone too far criticizing the Republican-led effort to repeal healthcare reform.

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Capitol Hill Conversation – House Speaker Writes New Rules

by / on January 18, 2011

Tennessee’s new House Speaker, Nashville Republican Beth Harwell wasted no time in changing how the chamber will get down to business this year.

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Capitol Hill Conversation – Harwell Prepares for History in State House

by / on January 10, 2011

Tennessee’s next Speaker of the House will preside over the largest Republican majority the state has ever seen. WPLN’s local Morning Edition host Jacqueline Fellows and state capitol correspondent Joe White discuss the power that lies ahead for the speaker-in-waiting, Nashville Republican Beth Harwell.

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Libraries Prepare Early for Food Program

by / on December 30, 2010

Nashville’s librarians are prepping early for what’s become an annual tradition.

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Pharmacists Say Controlled Substance Database Works

by / on December 29, 2010

The average Tennesseean has 16 prescriptions. That’s the second highest in the nation after West Virginia, but it’s also a slight decline from 18 prescriptions per person just three years ago.

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Census Puts Counties on Notice

by / on December 22, 2010

Now that Tennessee’s new census numbers are out, counties will soon begin preparing for changes within their borders.

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