Blackburn Rails Against Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Tennessee Congressman Marsha Blackburn wants to undo a law requiring light bulbs to become more efficient. The Brentwood Republican is sponsoring a bill to repeal part of an energy law signed by President Bush in 2007.

The current law requires light bulbs to use two-thirds less energy by the end of this decade.

Speaking on the House floor yesterday, Blackburn said that amounts to a “de facto ban” on incandescent light bulbs like most people grew up with. And she railed against newer compact fluorescent bulbs, saying they cost too much, are made abroad, and are bad for the American job market.

“The CFLs don’t work as well. It requires more bulbs to get the same amount of light in a given area. These things have proven to be very vulnerable to power surges; we hear that from our constituents in the rural areas. In essence, Madame Speaker, they don’t save any energy.”

An opponent speaking immediately after Blackburn argued the increase in light bulb efficiency irks coal executives whose profits depend on energy use.

An official with Blackburn’s office expects a House vote on the repeal sometime today.

WEB EXTRA – Raw audio of Blackburn’s remarks on the House floor:

Listen Now:

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