The Nashville Public Radio App for iPhone and Android

The Nashville Public Radio app takes care of all your listening needs in one place.

It's with you on the go, so you can listen wherever you are and catch up on whatever you missed.

Play any of our live streams, including our news and talk channels 90.3 WPLN-FM and 1430 WPLN-AM, our locally-programmed classical music on 91Classical WFCL-FM, and a AAA music stream called XPoNential Radio. 

The app's live streaming has DVR-like controls to pause and rewind.

Plus, you can hear past programs on-demand.

You can also catch up on our local news stories and podcasts produced by Nashville Public Radio right in the app. 

Use the sleep timer and alarm clock, so we're with you when you go to sleep and when you wake up. 

Other Ways To Stream

If you're on a desktop, laptop, or tablet computer, check out our listen page for other streaming options.