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Tennessee Insurance Commissioner Bristles At Obama Comment, Says Department Isn't 'Passive'

Tennessee’s insurance commissioner is taking an issue with a comment President Obama made at a town hall meeting in Madison Wednesday.
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Metro Works

A white Metro Works van is traveling 1,445 miles in Davidson County in the next few weeks looking for "pavement distress." The "road profiler," decked out with lights, metal tubes and a sign saying "Danger: Lasers," will gather images of potholes and cracks. Public Works spokesperson Jenna Smith says it's collecting data for future road maintenance.

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A group of Williamson County parents says state campaign finance officials are trying to squelch their free speech rights.

Nashville Health Care Council via Flickr

Tennessee’s insurance commissioner is taking an issue with a comment President Obama made at a town hall meeting in Madison Wednesday.

#bincheck Tennessee charity donation bins
Tennessee Secretary of State

The state is asking for help with a new potential scam, but it isn’t your everyday kind of crackdown.

Tennessee passed a new law to regulate those big metal donation bins that nonprofits and thrift stores use to gather clothing, shoes, and other goods — you often see them in parking lots.

Starting this month, any place that uses a collection bin is required to post more information on it about where those donations are going. Secretary of State Tre Hargett said it’s a move toward transparency after what had been a kind of Wild West of collection bins.

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President Obama took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves to talk about health care with a Nashville audience Wednesday afternoon. For more than an hour, he took questions from the invitation-only crowd, including some who are uninsured and would likely qualify for subsidized care if the state expanded Medicaid.

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There's perhaps no better spokesman for the complexities of the South than Scott Hudson of Flintville, Tennessee. He drove the 90 minutes up from Lincoln County to Nashville in order to greet President Obama. 

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Nashville business leaders have ramped up their resistance to a measure that would require construction companies to hire more local workers for city-funded projects. They’re urging voters to reject the amendment on August's ballot, saying it will hurt local business and taxpayers. 

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation TBI sex trafficking
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Just a few years ago, Tennessee was scrambling to combat sex trafficking. Now it’s a leading state in the fight.

There have been 36 new laws in the past four years, including several measures that take effect July 1.

The new laws include money for more special agents assigned to investigate sex traffickers for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. And for the first time, TBI will have the power to conduct electronic wiretapping.

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Some Nashville area hospital executives plan to be in the room as President Obama hails the Affordable Care Act from an elementary school in Madison. Health care leaders hope the campaign-style event might give some kind of boost to the unsuccessful effort to expand Medicaid in Tennessee.

Metro Schools superintendent Jesse Register is officially retired as of midnight and an interim director starts Wednesday morning, but it's not the one the board of education voted for last week. The divided panel narrowly voted Tuesday night to reconsider the original selection following an open meetings complaint.


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