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To Drive Down Cost Of Drug-Dependent Newborns, TennCare Looks At Birth Control Options

Tennessee’s Medicaid program is taking aim at the state’s rising number of drug-dependent newborns by expanding access to another drug — birth control.
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Dogs, Dog Park, Leash Laws
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For many Nashville dogs, the past few months of roaming off-leash in city parks was a newfound freedom. Quietly, Metro Parks was studying a trial run of leash-free-hours at three parks.

But the dogs could not be trusted.

Blake Farmer / WPLN

Tennessee’s Medicaid program is taking aim at the state’s rising number of drug-dependent newborns by expanding access to another drug — birth control.

Stephen Jerkins

Last week, Tennessee became the fifth state where lawmakers voted to open up the country’s founding documents and make a few tweaks or go even further. Here's the sound that helps explain what's going on:

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In his life, the Englishman Joseph Merrick was destitute and deformed, treated as a sideshow freak and an object of pity. But at the next concert of Clarksville’s Gateway Chamber Orchestra, audiences will be invited to imagine what the world must have looked like from the point of view of the so-called “Elephant Man.”

sex trafficking court Nashville
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When Nashville created a new court specifically for sex trafficking, officials touted how victims would feel more compassion. But it’s also a change for a handful of prosecutors who must tackle an area of criminal law that’s changing rapidly.

Anthonis Mor, 1549 (oil on canvas) / Dukes of Alba Collection, Liria Palace, Madrid

Visitors to Nashville’s Frist Center have a rare opportunity right now: the chance to see works by master artists that are normally displayed where only Europe’s elite can see them.  The paintings, tapestries and books belong to one of Spain’s most storied noble families, the House of Alba.

odometer fraud Tennessee
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More victims have come forward after the Tennessee Highway Patrol announced the arrest of a Murfreesboro man on charges that he sold cars after rolling back their odometers. Changing a car’s mileage amounts to felony fraud.

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State lawmakers voted Thursday morning to make Tennessee the fifth state to call for a new Constitutional Convention — the first in more than 200 years.

The idea is the product of conservative activists who want to rein in the federal government.

Tennessee joins Alaska, Alabama, Florida and Georgia in passing calls for a convention.

LifeWay headquarters Nashville

LifeWay Christian Resources will continue to call downtown Nashville home — a relief to city leaders.

Music City Center bees
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They excelled at making honey. They gave a sense of wonderment to the high-rise neighbors who overlooked the Music City Center in downtown Nashville. That’s how one closely watched colony of bees might be forever remembered.


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