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Could A Panel Discussion Bridge Nashville's Charter School Divide?

Saturday is meant to be a turning point in what has been—at times—a heated debate over the future of Metro Schools. Organizers are calling for what they describe as a “reset” in the conversation.
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Saturday is meant to be a turning point in what has been—at times—a heated debate over the future of Metro Schools. Organizers are calling for what they describe as a “reset” in the conversation.

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On a hazy spring afternoon in Nashville, pitcher Pat Venditte bounds up the dugout steps as pre-game music fills the Sounds’ new ballpark. The 29-year-old takes the field wearing a gray t-shirt, black shorts and a strange-looking glove.

“If I have it on this hand as a lefty, this side of the glove is where the pocket is, and vice-versa over here," Venditte says, flipping around the six-fingered glove, which has thumb slots on each end. 

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Nashville is in a building boom. But for new skyscrapers and condo buildings to go up, something else often has to be knocked down. One local artist is trying to capture what could be lost in the process.

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The Tennessee Supreme Court will consider the public release of records from the Vanderbilt rape trial. The civil dispute, which is separate from the criminal case, is expected to set a precedent for how the state handles a victim’s right to privacy.

The Tennessean along with other media groups wants access to sealed evidence collected during the investigation of the campus sexual assault involving four former Vanderbilt football players. The news outlets say they’re interested in seeing text messages between coaches and players.

One state agency is now training police officers in Tennessee on how to better interact with people who have disabilities. The Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities created the training guide as part of a settlement over a decades-long lawsuit.

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Nashville’s historically black medical school is returning students to Fort Campbell’s hospital for regular clinical rotations. A formal signing ceremony with Meharry Medical College takes place Friday.

Meharry students get hand-on experience primarily at Metro General Hospital, but also other health centers around Middle Tennessee. The school’s vice dean over clinical affiliations, Frank Royal, says Fort Campbell isn’t exactly new to the list.

“In the past, we have had a relationship with Fort Campbell, and we are rekindling that relationship.”

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Starting tonight, kids in a rural West Tennessee county who rely on feeding services over the summer will take home a week's worth of single-serve breakfasts and lunches and food for the whole family on weekends. It’s part of a pilot project funded by food giant ConAgra.

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An expansion of Volkswagen’s plant in Chattanooga, which is under construction now, could create nearly 10,000 permanent jobs. That’s the finding of an economic impact study commissioned by the German automaker and completed by University of Tennessee professor Bill Fox.

He says there will be thousands of short-term jobs during the construction phase and then 2,000 new jobs inside the plant assembling a new SUV and staffing a new engineering center.

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Children began gathering in the parking lot of Murfreesboro's Spring Valley apartments before 9 a.m. Just as scheduled, a blue and green custom painted bus rolled around the corner at 9:15.

“Chow bus! Chow bus! Chow bus!” three-year-old Gunner Fischer chanted.

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The number of pets put down in Nashville has dropped by nearly a third in the past five years. The kill rate is now below 50 percent, down from more than 80 percent.


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