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In Some Tennessee State Agencies, Most Employees Now Work Remotely

In at least one part of Tennessee’s government, a majority of employees now work remotely full-time. The space-saving effort is part of a statewide push to reduce spending on rent.
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The debate over how to spend Tennessee tax-dollars next year officially began Monday. State departments are making their pitches for more funding, while also showing what they would do if forced to cut their budgets by 3.5 percent.

Nashville sidewalks
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After much clamoring by Nashvillians, the city will soon update its master plan for sidewalks and bikeways. It arrives as unprecedented funding becomes available for paving and following a year in which demand for better sidewalks reached a fever pitch.

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Every organization has some amount of interpersonal conflict. But after becoming a minister, Steve Joiner realized that disagreements seem to blossom within churches. It makes sense, he says: That's where people tend to bring their strongest, most deeply rooted beliefs, which often collide.

Steve now works as a church mediator, and he's the director for the Institute for Conflict Management at Lipscomb University. He talked to reporter Emily Siner during WPLN's live series Movers & Thinkers about getting churches to trust him and working through their arguments.

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In at least one part of Tennessee’s government, a majority of employees now work remotely full-time. The space-saving effort is part of a statewide push to reduce spending on rent.

Tennessee schoolteachers could soon get a raise every time their bosses do, under a proposal being floated by one Middle Tennessee lawmaker. 

The bill, HB 1425, was filed earlier this month, by state Rep. Mike Sparks, R-Smyrna. He says it irks him when highly paid administrators get raises and others in the system don't.

Inglewood overlay Nashville
Metro Historical Zoning Commission

In the coming months, debate about development in Nashville will be stirred up by two Nashville neighborhoods that want to protect their historic character. If approved, parts of Inglewood and the Waverly-Belmont area would get neighborhood overlays that govern homebuilding.

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With the conflict in Syria as a constant news item these days, it's worth taking a look at one of the people who's trying to end it — not with armies or airstrikes, but with words.

Samar Ali, an attorney who works for Nashville law firm Bone McAllester Norton, is a third-party mediator in Syria. She talked to reporter Emily Siner during WPLN's live journalism series Movers & Thinkers about why diplomacy is so complicated there, and how the dialogue begins.

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The Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee says same-sex couples within its churches are free to get married elsewhere, but not by priests here. Bishop John Bauerschmidt has handed down the policy after making what he calls a difficult decision.

This summer, the national denomination decided to change its stance on same-sex marriage and allow clergy to perform them. But it also allows individual bishops to disagree.

Negro Leagues Nashville Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet
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A new collection of Negro League baseball artifacts has come together in Nashville. And it can only be seen at Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary. That’s where second and fourth graders run one of just two museums located within the walls of a Metro school.

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The state of Tennessee will not extend a controversial contract with a private real estate firm and instead will throw the deal to negotiate government office space open to bidders.



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