The Sweet Memphis Sound Of ‘Beale Street’

Walkin’ in Memphis. We’ll look at the history of Beale Street and how the Memphis Sound came to be.So much American history is the story of power, race and money. And that story runs extra deep and vivid in the old Tennessee river city of Memphis. On the Chickasaw Bluffs, above the Mississippi, Memphis moved after the Civil War, says my guest today, from slaves and cotton to sex and song. There was a furious battle for power. For a time, blacks won a notable share. It built Beale Street. The...
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Lawmakers in the state House of Representatives voted by a two-thirds margin Monday night to open up parks in Nashville and other cities to guns. The move sets up a potential confrontation with Gov. Bill Haslam — right as the state prepares to play host to tens of thousands of gun owners.

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School vouchers look like they may soon become a reality in Tennessee, after the Senate approved a voucher plan Monday night.

Lawmakers say they've come up with a program that targets children in some of the state's worst-performing schools — without crippling their districts.


A pair of Nashville charter schools may get dedicated police officers in the fall. During the city's budget hearings, the police department requested additional positions related to the growth of charter schools.

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The upcoming Nashville Film Festival will be marked by a statistic that surprised its organizers: this year, more selected films than ever were made by female directors.

Artistic director Brian Owens says his team didn’t solicit more women to enter, and they didn’t pick movies according to any sort of filmmaker demographics. It just happened that way.

“I noticed it as the lineup was taking shape," Owens says. "When the documentary lineup had finalized I was like, there’s some strong female filmmakers here.”

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After Tennessee voters passed a constitutional amendment in November — paving the way for the legislature to pass new restrictions on abortion — some expected the flood gates would open. But that hasn't really been the case. There's been no rush. Lawmakers have even been a bit slower than in past years to push new abortion laws.

State capitol reporter Chas Sisk and host Emil Moffatt discuss which proposals have the best chance of passing.

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No big meetings of the minds. No closed-door bargaining. No secret strategizing by Insure Tennessee's supporters.

Left for dead two months ago, Gov. Bill Haslam's plan to expand Medicaid is showing renewed signs of vigor. Its surprise return, say backers, is the result of a steady effort to keep the proposal alive since early February, when Tennessee lawmakers seemed to kill it during a special session.


It's the job of the governor to greet the National Rifle Association when 75,000 conventioneers gather for the group's annual meeting. And Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam may have to dig deep to find a positive gun-related anecdote.

Walkin’ in Memphis. We’ll look at the history of Beale Street and how the Memphis Sound came to be.

Southern Baptist leaders were supposed to be talking about bioethics this week at a summit in Nashville, Tenn. That changed in December after a New York grand jury declined to return an indictment in the police choking death of Eric Garner.

When Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, sent out tweets expressing his shock, there was pushback. Should the church get involved in a divisive political issue?

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Teachers in Tennessee are on track to get some temporary relief from the pressure of testing.

The state House of Representatives has approved a plan put together by Gov. Bill Haslam to change the weighting of test scores for two years. The governor says the break is needed while the state replaces the TCAP with a new standardized test.

The plan, House Bill 108, temporarily rewrites Tennessee's teacher-evaluation formula.


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