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For Girls About To Rock, A Tennessee Guitar Camp For You

Nashville rocker Jessi Zazu, of Those Darlins, has come full circle, from attending the Southern Girls Rock Camp for teenage female musicians, to teaching guitar and performing at the camp.
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University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee system is doing something that has some faculty on edge: examining how it reviews tenured professors. 

When UT president Joe DiPietro was going over the budget this spring, he announced he wanted to look at how professors are evaluated after they get tenure. But some worried that really meant he wanted to downsize departments.

But DiPietro says any change would only affect a small number of professors who aren’t doing well.

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Handguns will continue to be banned from Nashville's new Ascend Amphitheater — at least for the near future — despite a legal opinion from the state's top lawyer that seemed to throw the policy in doubt.

Attorney General Herbert Slatery wrote last week that a new state law opens all parks in Tennessee, including venues like Ascend that are run by private companies. That suggests Live Nation, Ascend's operator, would have to allow guns at the venue's concerts.

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Tennessee Senator Bob Corker today said he wants to talk to international inspectors before deciding whether to ratify the Iranian nuclear deal. Corker, who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee, indicated there’s a bipartisan hunger for information about the agreement’s limitations.

For instance, Corker says they need to know why inspectors won’t have the kind of total access to Iranian facilities as they had in Iraq during the 1990s.

But at a hearing Thursday, one expert hinted that level of inspection may not be a realistic goal. 

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If you check out Spotify’s Nashville Top 100 playlist, you’ll find Elliot Root, an alternative band led by frontman Scott Krueger in the top spot.

"Doesn't means he's getting more plays again, than anyone in Nashville, but you could say he's the 'Nashvillist' artist right now,” said Eliot Van Buskirk, Data Storyteller and editor with Spotify. 

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With an influx of Tennessee Promise students heading to community college in a few weeks, one program is trying to prepare some of them for coursework before the first day of college. The three-week Summer Bridge program is part of an effort to decrease the number of community college students — usually a high percentage — who have to take remedial classes in reading or math during the school year.  

Jessi Zazu Those Darlins photo
Tony Gonzalez / WPLN

Nashville rocker Jessi Zazu, of Those Darlins, has come full circle, from attending the Southern Girls Rock Camp for teenage female musicians, to teaching guitar and performing at the camp.


One of the most respected pedal steel guitar players of all time died Wednesday in Nashville.

Buddy Emmons may not be a household name, but he played on records for everyone from Ray Price to Ray Charles and George Straight to Judy Collins.

Emmons mastered one of modern music's more complicated instruments. Country music wouldn't sound like itself without the pedal steel. And the instrument sounds the way it does today because of Emmons.

screenshot from Senate webcast

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker largely focused on one “what if” question today at a hearing into the Iran nuclear deal. In his words: “What would happen if we decided not to lift our Congressionally mandated sanctions?”

The agreement, as negotiated, calls for stringent limits on Iran’s nuclear activity. In exchange, world powers would lift economic sanctions against Iran. Nicholas Burns is a former diplomat who helped hammer out those sanctions during the Bush Administration. He thinks the deal is a relatively good one.

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African American leaders held a pep rally for Angela Huff last night in the hopes of swaying the Nashville school board to reconsider her for the superintendent job. Ministers and politicians lightly suggested her race is playing against her.

“I don’t say that you’re racist, but listen, there’s smoke coming up out the basement and nobody is calling the fire department.”

Pastor Enoch Fuzz called the gathering. Speakers included school board member Tyese Hunter, who has publicly supported Huff.

Brick Church College Prep

Tennessee’s lowest performing schools now get lumped into one district. And three years in, that state-run system is finding improvement seems to accelerate over time.


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